6 Ways to Market Your Reseller Hosting Business with MilesWeb

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If you compare different businesses and find an easy one to start, a reseller web hosting business is the right answer. However, you need a web hosting provider to offer 100% White labeled reseller hosting. services to make this task possible. MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering multiple reseller web hosting plans for different reseller hosting requirements.

Reseller users looking to start their hosting business must sign up for their cheap reseller hosting by MilesWeb plans. Now, only signup and creating a hosting business will not serve the purpose. It is because web hosting providers will act as a backend player in providing the reseller hosting service. And all marketing efforts of your hosting brand are on your shoulder. However, all hosting infrastructure-related issues and concerns will be managed by them. Thus, you need amazing marketing ways to reach clients and generate revenue for your business. Resellers can leverage some marketing ideas to boost their visibility. Keep reading.

What is Meant by The Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a kind of web hosting package that allow users to run a business model. If you are a reseller user, you will be signing up for the reseller web hosting package, rebrand it and take some profit margins while selling the hosting infrastructure to clients. Moreover, the good point of this web hosting package is if users get a white labeled reseller hosting plan, they can resell under their brand name to clients.

As far as technical support, server maintenance and other aspects are involved, web hosting providers will take care of it without taking their brand name. That is how white labeled reseller web hosting plans work. If you have taken the MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plan, they will handle all billing, technical and other hosting related activities on your behalf. Therefore, if you clients experience any technical glitches or errors during the web hosting process, MilesWeb will look after it.  As a user, pay only for the hosting infrastructure of what you are buying from the web hosting provider.

Key Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Cost or Budget

With every web hosting package, reseller users have one concern that what would be an ultimate cost of the hosting package. If you are a user and compare it with other web hosting packages like VPS and dedicated ones, reseller hosting plans are comparatively low. Due to its affordability, many users prefer it. As far as MilesWeb is concerned, their reseller web hosting packages start at Rs 270 per month.

Entire focus on the Business

Although you have purchased a reseller web hosting package but that does not mean you have to ignore your current business. Instead of putting an entire focus on the web hosting activity, it is better to outsource a web hosting provider that manages all technical aspects on your behalf. MilesWeb is the right web hosting provider that manages all technical configurations and server related issues to give a smooth website browsing experience to your clients. They are available with 24×7 technical assistance via live chat and email to resolve queries of users. By doing so, as a user you don’t have to spend too much time on this hosting business. Focus only on your core jobs.

Room to Expand Services

As a reseller user, there might be chances that you are dealing with multiple clients having several sites. So, while rebranding hosting packages, ensure that every client gets enough server space, bandwidth, and CPU cores to host their websites and applications. Now, you can also think of purchasing multiple servers as an alternative option. But it is not an economically viable option.

 It is better to buy one reseller hosting package and manage your clients’ hosting requirements accordingly. With MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans, users get a control panel to manage web resources on the server.

Including Additional Features

On the internet you might have browsed many basic web hosting plans that do not have basic features also. Remember that as a reseller user, you will be dealing with resource heavy web projects. Therefore, having features like SSL certifications, server support, control panels, additional bandwidth if possible and others should be the part of your web hosting package.

If you are MilesWeb’s reseller user, enjoy unlimited bandwidth, server space, and advanced configurations to host unlimited websites. And the good thing is users can charge for such features from clients to generate profits.

Brand Building

In today’s competitive marketing era, brand building is a crucial step to generate income and maximize profits. So, how can you make your own brand to stand out from the crowd? To gain the competitive-edge it is recommended to opt for reseller web hosting packages.

With the 100% white label reseller web hosting services, users can sell web hosting services under their brand. Even your clients will trust on your brand as you will be the original web hosting provider for them and not anyone else.

Generating Income Opportunities

Money minded users always look for additional income opportunities. This is where reseller web hosting packages could generate additional income opportunities for users by charging for SSL certifications, domain registrations, allotting server resources and much more.

Create your own website and mention all features in the hosting package that you will be offering to your clients. However, to gain more income and learn more opportunities for the same, it is recommended to research on the internet. Try to learn as much measures you can that could bring the profitable outcome.

Full Support from Hosting Provider

Technical glitches are inevitable that may occur anytime while hosting websites and applications. Users might or might not have the same technical expertise to manage such technical part. But if you are taking MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plan, it will provide 24×7 technical support on your behalf.

So, if your clients face any technical errors or glitches, they will only have to raise the query and MilesWeb will instantly resolve them. Hence, do not worry if you don’t possess technical expertise while reselling hosting packages. Allow web hosting providers to manage all technical aspects behind the screen.

Why is Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Business Important?

With the growing demand of the internet, the web hosting business is also growing. Therefore, many brands and companies are dealing in this business domain. And to make your brand more visible, it is recommended to come up with excellent marketing ideas. With the help of unique and creative marketing, users can grab the attention of clients and promote the business.

In this competitive market, it is a challenging part to grow your web hosting business. To reach the right audience and gain maximum output, ensure you develop a compelling marketing strategy on different channels. For an excellent ROI and results a good marketing plan is necessary. It may involve SEO, content creation and many others. Thus, to make your task easier, here we have compiled a few marketing strategies that can bring a profitable outcome to you.  Keep reading below.

How to Market Reseller Hosting Services?

1.Content Marketing

If you are into the digital marketing domain and good at developing content, the content marketing strategy will yield a productive outcome for you. Start with blogging because many visitors online prefer reading it. If visitors read your engaging blogs, they will turn into potential customers.

Present some valuable information about your web hosting service. While doing so, remember not to mention the original web hosting provider’s name, as it will create a negative impression. MilesWeb offers 100% white label reseller hosting services where users can put their own brand name and provide hosting infrastructure to their clients.

While content marketing covers a wide range of niches and business sizes, covering a more target audience base gives more chances of generating revenue. By doing so, you will attract more prospects interested in using your service. Mention all features and services you will offer to your client through your content.

Apart from blogs, another marketing strategy can be done through videos. What is it all about? Read on in the next pointer.

2.Online video marketing

According to statistics, 86% of video marketers say videos are helpful in lead generation. If we talk about only the popular video streaming platform YouTube, people spend more than 500 million hours of videos on it daily. Therefore, video marketing is one the effective strategies that should not be ignored. After all, people prefer watching videos despite of reading.

Although content marketing is also useful, to gain more audience attention, leverage videos. People will prefer it more than your blog content. Make some explainer videos, animated or live demo videos of your reseller web hosting business.

3.SEO Optimization                                                                                         

In today’s competitive era, having a web presence is essential. So, create an SEO-optimized website of your hosting business to generate traffic and leads. Remember, SEO optimization is a crucial aspect of reseller web hosting business. This strategy could bring results even in your blog. Writing SEO optimized blogs will generate backlinks for your service webpage.  You shouldn’t ignore basic SEO fundamentals: keyword insertion, hyperlinking keywords, and adding meta tags (meta title and meta description).

While optimizing keywords, do not emphasize only high-volume keywords. To keep your reseller web hosting business growing, include LSI (Large Scale Indicator) keywords and secondary keywords with less competition. SERPs will also give it a better rank by generating SEO optimized content.

4.Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the best marketing channel to flourish any business. However, reseller users need to create an informative social media profile to gain a productive outcome. Also, add engaging reels, short videos, links to your blog articles, captivating images, infographics, etc. Furthermore, regular updates are also essential to keep your social media account active. If possible, try out some polls on hosting businesses and take the audience’s opinion. In this manner, users can create brand credibility. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others are a few of the popular social media networks where users can showcase their web hosting brand.

5.Google Ads

Targeted Google Ads give brand exposure to resellers. In this, users click on Google Ads and redirect to the service page. It comes at a certain cost, but reseller users get a measurable ROI for their hosting business. If in case not getting valuable outcomes from all of the above mentioned tactics, try Google Ads once.

Email Newsletters

You might have been doing content creation on the daily basis every month, but are users getting its update? The answer might be no because you are not targeting them on email messages. According to one report, email marketing is 70% efficient and can generate many leads for the conversion.

If you don’t know how to draft an email newsletter, just link the content with your service web page and use a compelling tone. Come up with a catchy subject line and you can generate leads to convert them into sales. On the internet there are several templates also available to make this task possible.

6.Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials sharing their experiences bring more value to your web hosting business. Whether they are good or bad, first-time customers will read reviews and make opinion about choosing your hosting brand or not. So, add customer reviews also in your marketing checklist.

Final Thoughts

The main purpose of bringing these marketing tricks was to develop your web hosting brand credibility. Always remember that customers prefer web hosting services that come with full-fledged features. It includes SSL encryption, unlimited domain hosting, control panels and affordability. In all of such parameters.

Research well and choose the right web hosting provider to enhance your web hosting business brand up. Do not compromise on the quality standards and pick the reliable web hosting provider only. MilesWeb ticks all boxes and offers reliable reseller hosting services. With minimal latency and high-powered servers, they are the best hosting partner you can rely on. That’s all in the conclusion!