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If you’re looking for the best Windows shared hosting provider, we recommend MilesWeb because MilesWeb offers Windows web hosting services.

You can host portfolio-based websites, blogs, and small to medium-sized enterprises on Windows shared hosting, and earn several benefits. For large websites/businesses, there are superior hosting servers available. However, if you’re just getting started, it is better to view cheap shared hosting plans.

Many firms provide shared hosting services, but only a few are the finest at what they do. That is why MilesWeb is our top pick.

Users from all over the world use MilesWeb’s shared/windows hosting services. You will never be overcharged or have a response time that is too slow. You’ll also benefit from a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

MilesWeb is one such hosting company that will assist you in every part of your growth and development process. Whether you have a personal website or a professional, their web hosting services will help you reach the potential audience/customers.

Initially, your aim would be clear to at least reach the targeted audience/visitors. We don’t directly think about making huge sales as we are beginners and we need to do a lot of work on our website and business. That is also one of the reasons why windows hosting is perfect for your site.

New websites are like infants. Their requirements are few, plus with our every effort, they grow big. So windows hosting is hosting that will offer required resources. In fact, you will receive enough resources that you can utilize to run a hassle-free website.

Further, you will not even have to invest too much. MilesWeb offers fair services that anyone can purchase. Their plans cost as much as a mini burger would cost you.

Many web hosting providers have expensive services, but MilesWeb is cost-effective. You can rely on them, and they will give you quality. They have a complete team of experts who will take care of your queries.

What is Shared/Windows Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the very usual web hosting services. Individuals generally select shared hosting to get started with their websites as it provides value. The resources are apt and sufficient for such websites.

In shared hosting, you share the server space and also resources with many other users. The sharing reduces the actual cost of the server. That is why it is cheap at its cost. Plus, MilesWeb runs constant offers so, you can get it at an even lower price.

Further, Windows hosting and shared hosting don’t have many differences. They are almost the same. Windows hosting is actually shared hosting but uses windows as an operating system. So it becomes windows shared hosting.

For using windows hosting, you don’t also require technical knowledge. Windows hosting is simple to use hosting. Plus, it is a managed service so, the host will look after it.

Why MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a reliable host. It has helped several companies and individuals with their hosting accounts. During the COVID-19, they immensely contributed to bringing small-medium-sized businesses online. Up till now, they have served over 39,000 customers worldwide.

Personally, you will receive many benefits if you opt for MilesWeb. They will provide you with great and tons of features. You can run a successful and smooth website without complications.

Windows Hosting Plans

At MilesWeb, there are three basic plans under windows hosting. These plans are called W-Solo, W-Prime, and W-Multi. You can choose the one according to your website needs.

W-Solo will cost Rs. 100/m after a flat 50% discount. It is a huge discount and will benefit you a lot. However, the host puts a condition to purchase the plan for at least three years to get the discount. It is still reasonable than the monthly charges.

W-Prime costs around Rs. 325/m after the discount. You can host small-medium-sized websites using this plan. And W-Multi costs Rs. 425/m. You can host unlimited websites with W-Multi windows hosting plan.

As I said, you will get endless benefits with all the plans. So here they are –

Free .com domain – W-Prime and W-Multi windows hosting plans include a free domain.

For brand identity and online presence, a domain is essential. MilesWeb offers it free of charge for the first year. You need to purchase windows shared hosting for a year or longer and receive a free domain for the first year.

To keep your registration going after the second year, you’ll have to pay its regular fees.

Free SSL certificate – All MilesWeb windows shared hosting plans include a free SSL certificate. It assists in the security of the website and adds a protective layer to it.

Unlimited Bandwidth – MilesWeb does not impose any restrictions on bandwidth consumption. You can utilize them however needed.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If MilesWeb fails to meet your expectations during the first 30 days of purchase, you can request a refund. I promise you the greatest service. But if they fail at quality or anything, you can get a refund.

Wrap Up

Windows hosting is a good option to get started on the internet. It will help you in reaching and attracting visitors, that can turn into customers. MilesWeb is affordable in that case. Their web hosting services will offer you endless benefits. So, do not think much and get started.