Top 115+ Free High DA Guest Posting Sites List 2024

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Are you considering using guest posting sites to boost your business, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads in the most genuine ways? Then, you are most welcome. Today, Here we are providing you the top free high DA PA guest posting websites list with various categories such as travel, business, health, lifestyle, digital marketing, shopping, finance, education, real estate, etc. which will be more effective for you and your organization. Guest posting websites are one of the great and most effective ways of building relationships, and professional connections and setting brand importance.

Guest blogging websites are one of the best options to promote your business and increase brand awareness. If you are a business/website owner, guest blogging will boost your site, and your site will gain quality, exposure, and links in return. You can choose these sites to submit a guest post and get a huge amount of organic traffic to your website.

Wondering what guest blogging is and how does it matter to you? Well, worry not, in this article, you will get a clear idea of the meaning of guest blogging, its amazing benefits, and how you can use it to boost your website’s SEO.

What Are Guest Posting Sites?

Guest blogging is simply writing and publishing articles for other websites. You can write content for the website of your niche and post it to drive traffic to your website (referral traffic). Yes, that is how you generate backlinks and invite huge traffic to your website which ultimately leads to enhanced growth opportunities. Guest posting sites benefit both the guest blogger, which is you, and the website hosting the guest content. Want to know how it benefits you? Keep reading for some exciting facts!

How Do Guest Posting Sites Benefit The Guest Blogger?

Why should you write for someone else’s website? Why invest so much time and effort in the same? Well, it’s for your good. Below are 5 excellent reasons you should opt for guest posting.

• Reach: If you choose to write on a popular guest blogging site, there are high chances of getting a huge reach. Your content should be up to the mark and you should put the effort into engaging with readers. Engaging well with the readers along with rich content will have them visiting your website for more.

• Audience: Yes, your customer base or fan following is sure to enhance with guest posting websites. There are several readers visiting guest blogging websites every day. Due to this large readership, there are chances that they will look at your blog and even share your posts on their social media handles.

• Relationships: It is well said that relationships in your life are your asset. Posting on these websites will allow you to interact with big organizations and popular bloggers which further leads to more growth opportunities.

• Genuine Backlinks: It allows you efficient backlink opportunities. We all know how much contribution backlinks make to a website’s ranking on search engine results.

Money: Several guest blogging sites provide monetary rewards for posting content. A good chance to make some extra money out of your content.

• Fame: With a good content strategy, several websites might give you an invite to write for them and that will surely enhance your brand name and more opportunities will be your way.

• Cost-Effective Option: With free guest posting sites, you can avail yourself of all the above-mentioned benefits free of cost.

Apart from this, guest blogging enhances your website’s credibility and establishes authority. Also, it demonstrates that you are a professional and well-versed in your industry concepts and practices. You surely do not want to miss this treasure!

How Do Get Started With Guest Posting Sites?

Now, enough of the benefits. Want to know how you can execute a guest posting strategy? Below are 8 easy steps to get you started!

  1. Determine your guest posting objectives: What is it that you expect from guest blogging? What are your goals? Is it to enhance brand awareness, improve visibility, boost SEO or increase traffic, generate leads, and build industry authority? Decide and work accordingly.
  2. Discover guest posting opportunities: You need to find websites that interest your target audience, a website that caters to your expectations, and where your competitors post.
  3. Qualify guest posting websites: Find websites that fit your goals and strategies.
  4. Dig out for blog post topics: Write on topics that are relevant to your target audience and serve your interests as well.
  5. Build a perfect pitch: To create a perfect pitch, make sure you are well aware of the guest posting website’s guidelines and approach the right person. Show how you can add value and lead with benefits.
  6. Be creative and create content worth publishing.
  7. Follow up on your work: Ensure that you share your work on social media, reply to comments, and link to it on your website.
  8. Track the results.


Now you know how guest blogging can support your marketing and support your SEO efforts. You must consider the idea of guest blogging today! Below is the list of the top free high DA guest posting sites you can refer to for boosting your business and taking it to new heights. These websites have high domain authority scores and a large readership, so you are sure to get a good amount of traffic on your website!