Do you wish to enhance your website performance, drive more traffic, and rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs)? If yes, then you must be well aware of keyword research. Keyword research is one of the most essential elements of digital marketing, it is the essence of boosting your digital marketing efforts and enhancing your search engine optimization. To excel in the digital marketing world, you must excel in keyword research.

We would be naming the Top 10 Keyword Research Tools that you must use for efficient keyword research. Keep reading to know more!


Why not have a brief introduction of keywords and keyword research, before we discover the tools to research them?


Keyword is a specific word or phrase that a user uses while searching for some information on search engines. It can be as simple as “Pizza shop” or “Best Pizza Shop In The Town”. Search engines uses these keywords to identify relevant content in response to the searches. The keywords in searches are matched with the keywords in your web pages, and accordingly the user looking for content will land on your web page.


Keyword research assists you in gaining an understanding of what your target audience are currently searching for on various search engines. The top results in every search are the ones that are likely to be clicked every time your target audience search a query. You must ensure that your content is relevant and helpful so the search engines place your web page at a good rank, since 75% of internet users never look past the first page of search results. Keyword research involves discovering the language used by your target audience in searches, what words are used by target audience in searches, and understanding what your target audience actually requires to know. With this information, you can use relevant terms in your web page that will help optimise your site, create efficient text and to be found first for relevant terms, by relevant people.


There are various keyword research tools on the basis of goals, level of experience and budget, and you must discover the right one for your web page as per your requirements. There are PPC keyword tools and SEO keyword tools, short tail keyword tools and long term keyword tools, and much more. Which keyword research tool is best for you? Here is the list of top 10 keyword tools, which is differentiated on the basis of suitability, distinctive features and prices. 


Google keyword planner is best for intermediate to advance PPC keyword research and account insights. Best known for bidding data and advanced attribute filtering, this keyword research tool is available for free with an active Google ads account.

As soon as you enter one keyword, multiple keywords or even your website address into Google Keyword Planner, it would provide you with a list of related keywords along with basic and easy-to-understand metrics so you can look at the competition around each keyword and the frequency of searches it gets on both local and global level. 


Undoubtedly, SEMrush is one of the most efficient keyword research tools. Instead of providing a list of keywords, it lists 5-10 very specific keywords that are already put to use by your competitors.

You can compare various domains in response to one another to evaluate the competitive environment which includes common keywords and position in Google’s organic, paid and shopping search results. With the position tracking feature in SEMrush, you can look at the position of keywords in SERPs and the history of its rises and drops. With colourful, visual charts, you can have a more detailed, easy and quick understanding of trends and use it for further analysing.

SEMrush hosts a 7 day free trial and has 4 different pricing plans – Pro, Guru, Business, Enterprise.


Keyword research tool designed by Mangools, the developer known for delivering the most efficient keyword research tools for various categories. KWFinder has a user friendly interface which helps you in discovering keywords in any language with precise statistics for keyword competition. KWFinder provides in-depth SERP overview along with a list of suggestions, and also use filters to refine the list of keyword suggestions.

KWFinder is a part of Mangools package which already includes 4 other SEO tools. KWFinder allow only few free searches and has three categories of subscriptions- Basic, Premium and Agency.


Ahrefs keyword explorer is much similar to SEMrush with some extra benefits and more intuitive design. It provides a broad keyword report and relieve on clickstream data to provide unique click metrics.

Ahrefs keyword explorer provides more than 1,000 keywords suggestions and is supported in over 171 countries. It provides click metrics for improving CTR with extensive SERP overview along with accurate keyword difficulty score.

Ahrefs have four different pricing plans and have a trial offer on their lite and standard subscription plans which is $7 for 7 days.


This SEO software helps in performing keyword research, competitive analysis, rank tracking and content generation. You can even explore your competitors backlink data, the paid Google ads run by them along with Facebook ads and organic keyword rankings. Through simple and easy to understand dashboard, it provides critical data points and gives recommendations.

The stand-out feature of Growth bar is content outline generation, which allow you to generate content outlines in just one click for your blog or website with keywords, word counts, headers, images, links, and much more.

GrowthBar offers free 5-day trial and later on you can buy the plan of your choice, and high-tier plan allow you to search unlimited keywords.


Looking for long tail keywords for your websites? If yes, then this keyword research tool is best for you. Long Tail Pro provides powerful and detailed keyword metrics and allows you to discover long tail keywords easily. This research tool also provides recommendations for attracting potential clients and organic traffic with 2,500+ SERP lookups every 24 hours.

This keyword research tool offers a 7-day free trial and offers three plans to users- Starter, Pro, and Agency. 


SERPSTAT is a complete SEO suite which combines website analytics, keyword research tool, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, a rank tracker and website audit features. You can figure out keywords that work well for competitors, so you do not lose your chances of ranking high in SERPs. With Serpstat, you can know your competitors through the competitor graph feature, keyword difficulty and keyword trends.

Serpstat is the most budget-friendly option. It offers a free trial, and later on has four different plans to choose from – Lite, Standard, Business and Enterprise.


This keyword research tool provide easy to use and unique keyword suggestions. It has two unique data points – Organic CTR score and priority score. The organic CTR score demonstrates number of clicks that you are expected to attract on page 1 of Google. The priority score combines data on CTR, search volume and keyword difficulty to help select the best terms for project. Moz Keyword Planner offer one month trial period. 


An ideal tool for small businesses and new blogs with not much resources to invest in SEO. Majestic offers all SEO features in a single toolkit and allow easy to target phrase. Majestic display research competition on each keyword, and trustworthiness VS. Authority graph for website analysis.

Majestic allow three free searches once you sign up. The keyword checker is available in PRO and API plans.


Excellent keyword research tool which works at a lightning speed while being extremely precise. If you spend hours monitoring rank progression of keywords, this tool will save you a lot of time. It offers highly localized search engine rankings for your keywords. It also has integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Social Monitoring, and YouTube and helps to keep you an eye on statistics and estimated search traffic for your keywords right from Accuranker dashboard.


With the above-mentioned keyword research tools, you are sure to boost your digital marketing efforts and enhance your search engine optimization. Drive efficient traffic to your web page and grow your business. Get out there and discover the best keywords for your SEO.