Top 95+ Free High DA PA Wiki Submission Sites List 2023

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As we know, to rank any website via Google, backlinks are known to be the most important medium. The more competitiveness, the more should be backlinks, and even more should be the “quality” of the backlinks which can be generated through the wiki submission sites.

Creating a backlink from any high authority or any top wiki submission site is very difficult but this article will help you know and understand how to generate a backlink from the most powerful website on the internet, that is Wikipedia. There are various free wiki submission sites also available on the internet. 

Criteria For Selection  Of Wiki Submission Sites:

Domain Authority: Wikipedia is one of the top ten authority websites in the world. Its domain authority is 98. The site rank of Wikipedia is #9 in site authority engagement.

Website traffic:  The amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website is known as the traffic of the website. Wikipedia’s organic traffic is 2.5 billion and has an organic rating of 96.

In spite of the no follow backlinks of Wikipedia, it is a powerful source for ranking a website and its traffic.

Advantages Of Using Wiki Submission Sites:

1. Maximum Backlinks:

While searching for a keyword in Google,  it is extremely rare to not get a listing of the wiki as the possible result.  Therefore by generating backlinks from top wiki submission sites it is more likely to build a strong backlink that eventually helps in generating traffic.

2. Stimulates Traffic:

No doubt wiki submission sites attract the maximum number of internet users to their websites or blogs. An increase in traffic means a simultaneous increase in the rank of the website in the SERP.

3. Marketability:

Good content is always high in demand and has a high chance of being admired and easily marketed. A good wiki submission site always adds worth to good content.  Therefore, any top wiki submission site has the potential to work as a catalyst in adding worth to the link.

Ways To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

There are several ways to acquire backlinks from Wikipedia.

1. Wikipedia External Links:

If you’re a regular reader of Wikipedia,  you will know that at the end of the page of Wikipedia, there is a section for ‘external links. Besides the external link, there is also an option to [edit].

From the edit option, you can add your own link. From the preview button, you can preview the added link and check it for corrections. From the ‘publish changes’ button, you can now save and publish the link by solving the captcha code. The link will now be generated to the page of Wikipedia’s external links section but if the posts of the link are not valuable or non -ethical the moderator of Wikipedia removes the link within no time.

2. Creating Account:

To create a backlink in Wikipedia it is important to create a Wikipedia account. After creating an account you will have to log in to Wikipedia to create backlinks of your own. You can also contribute to Wikipedia by adding or improving articles that are poor or not up to the mark. You can also edit or add citations to the articles.

3. Wikipedia Citations:

Another way to generate backlinks from Wikipedia is Citation. If you read a page in Wikipedia you will know that there are many sentences that are cited from various websites. If you also have a high-quality post that included citations then congratulations,  you are now eligible to acquire backlinks from Wikipedia. All you have to do is add the required citations to any article if you feel there’s a lack of information to it and publish the changes.

4. Wikipedia Dead Links:

Wikipedia has lakhs of articles and all articles have dozens of reference links attached to them. There are chances that out of the given reference links, many links might go out of order or be completely banned. Then Wikipedia marks those links as dead links. All you have to do is search for those dead links and replace them with your referral links. You can either use ‘wiki grabber’ which is a moderately popular website or ‘Google search’ and generate your own links after making sure your link contains the content related to the given article on Wikipedia.

5. Wikipedia Broken Links:

As dead links, there are tons of broken links to be found on Wikipedia.  A broken link in simple words is a link that is out of order or no longer works because the website is experiencing one or more issues. The issues might include the removal of the destination of the webpage or an invalid URL.  You can replace the broken links with your own relevant link.

Therefore, you can not only generate backlinks from some of the top free high DA wiki submission sites but also high-quality backlinks from the wiki submission sites.